Treasure Hunt Ideas and Treasure Hunt Clues

This website has lots of free treasure hunt ideas for you to use to create a great scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Newly added to this site are ready-made free treasure hunts! These list up to twenty different clues for objects and locations around the house for you to use in your own treasure hunt. You can view them on the website or download the clues.

If you want more clue ideas there are searches, treasure hunt challenges, codes and puzzles available for you to create your own treasure hunt. You could take some of our various ideas and put them with your own clues to make your treasure hunts even better! Treasure hunts are a fun thing to do with a spare afternoon, and a great game at parties. You can make them easy for children or make them slightly harder for adults too! For a challenge try encrypting some clues, creating riddles or even creating your own cryptex.

See the Treasure Hunt Ideas for Adults page for some clue ideas on how to make a good treasure hunt for grown-ups!

You can also use our free treasure hunt idea tool to create a treasure hunt online. The tool has loads of clue ideas in different formats (alphabet substitution, flag signals, mirrored writing etc) and fifty locations you would find around the home that would be suitable for hiding clues. This gives our treasure hunt creator almost 400 clues to choose from! In addition, you can add your own clues to your treasure hunts; simply use the "Create your own clue" option.


Treasure hunt clues, maps and codes

Our Hints and tips page gives some advice on how to set up a treasure hunt, and things to look out for when making one.

Treasure hunt clue ideas

You can browse our idea categories or view all our clues for children and adults ideas in one list.

All our treasure hunt clues


The location of the next clue is converted into the symbols using the Wingdings font.


A sound or piece of music leads Treasure Hunters to the next clue.

Word Association

A clue hints the location of the next clue, for example a clue "4o C" would lead to a fridge.

The list of treasure hunt clues is expanding, and if you have your own ideas or clues and would like them listed on the site as inspiration for others please send them to us as Make sure you include your name so we can include you as the idea's creator!

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