Treasure Hunt Ideas

Below is a list of categories of treasure hunt ideas. Clues on this site have been split into types such as challenges, codes and searches. It is good to give a good range of different treasure hunt clue types in the treasure hunt. You could also theme the treasure hunt, for example a pirate themed treasure hunt.


Hidden messages that must be decoded or interpreted.

These ideas give ways to encode clues rather than providing encoded clues, so that you can build your treasure hunt as you like.


Treasure hunters must use clues to help them search for the next clue. This type of clue does not require much working out - it mainly involves recognition or following instructions.


These are clues that involve an activity or challenge to reach or earn a clue.


All the treasure hunt ideas that are available on this site.


Padlocks, mazes and other clever puzzles; these clues ideas will help you create treasure hunt clues that need to be solve, usually by doing something to unlock them or figure them out.