Christmas Treasure Hunt Clues

We have lots of Free Christmas Treasure Hunt clue ideas to help you create clues for a festive Christmas treasure hunt. You can browse all of our clue ideas, or use some of our examples below.

We have created a ready-made, free Christmas treasure hunt for you use if you don't want to create your own clues, although you could always use it for inspiration or add your own clues into the ready-made hunt.

A Christmas Treasure Hunt

These are great for creating present treasure hunts - lots of clues for children to follow to find their Christmas presents!

Find the Christmas decoration clue

Christmas clue - decoration close upHide a clue amoungst Christmas decorations! Pick a distinctive decoration in your house and take a close-up photograph of it, then hide the clue in or near the decoration. The treasure hunters have to recognise the decoration, find it and find the clue!
Close up photograph clues

Encase a clue in ice

Christmas clue - encased in ice

Create a wintery clue by encasing the clue in ice. This is a lot of fun, especially trying to smash the ice open to get at the clue!
Encasing clues in ice


Christmas scavenger hunt

Treasure hunters have to find various items to earn the next clue. Here is an example list of Christmas items:

  1. a blue bauble
  2. a Christmas hat
  3. a picture of Santa Claus
  4. a candle
  5. two people singing a Christmas song
  6. a mince pie

Scavenger hunt clues